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What is SSM?

What does it look like?

Who is SSM for?

Who are the directors & instructors?


Summer School of Ministry is a 10 week experience aimed at equipping and empowering students to fully grasp their identity in Christ and live the kind of missional life that Christ demonstrated for us in the gospels. SSM seeks to instill foundational practices and core values in the lives of our students so that whatever their next step in life is: college, military, a career, marriage, or unknown, they will carry the gospel and the love of Jesus into the world.

SSM will meet three days a week for three total sessions per day. An optional Bible study will be offered on a fourth evening. Each day students will spend time in a posture of devotion, discovery, and discussion as they hear from multiple instructors and spend time in the Word. We will not go beyond 12:30 each day so that students can still work summer jobs or take summer classes if necessary. See the schedule below:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

9am - 9:45am: Chapel & Devotion (Followed by a 15 min break)

10am - 11am: Session 1 (Followed by a 15 min break)

11:15am - 12:30pm: Session 2



6pm - Bible Study

*Chapels will vary from day to day. Over the course of the 10 weeks this time will include prayer and worship, going downtown to pray over our city and minister to those we encounter, receiving words from multiple voices in our church and city-wide body.

*Sessions will vary as well. At times these will be lecture-based, as we hear from instructors from all over the nation who are seasoned veterans in the faith and in ministry. Other times these sessions will be led by our directors or may include discussion-based activities.

Summer School of Ministry is open to anyone 18 and above, however our curriculum and focus is tailored best for young adults. SSM aims to direct young adults who are in their transitional years as they make decisions about the next steps in their lives. Our program is great for those who are interested in going into vocational ministry, but is specifically focused on making ministry a part of daily lives and not just within the walls of the Church. If you desire for God to use you wherever He wants, whenever He wants, and however He wants, this school is for you!

What does it cost?

Total tuition is $250.00, which equates to $25 a week. This is the total cost of the entire program and includes access to the SSM library, materials, instruction, as well as a three day prayer retreat. Tuition can be submitted as one lump payment or may be split into two payments of $125.00 due by May 12 and June 30. We do not offer refunds, as funds are solely used for the operation of SSM. Aside from financial expectation, there is also an expectation to be fully involved at Breezewood Church throughout your time in our ministry school. 


Pastors Bill & Donna Vines

Lead Pastors


SSM Team


Instructors &


On a weekly basis students will be led by our directors, Pastor Zach Kelley and Pastor Will Vines. Coming alongside of these two will be a team of voices from our Church body, community, and all over the nation partnering to pour into our students. Students will hear from both instructors, who will teach principles, practicalities, and strategies, and investors, who will share life experience, lead devotions and minister directly to needs.


Zach &

Jill Kelley



Will &

Cameron Vines


Instructors & Ministry Leaders

Over the course of the summer our students will have the blessing of sitting under the teaching and ministry of the following kingdom leaders:

Eric Gilbert
3 Trees Church

Lead Pastor
Rich Holmes
Connection Church

Lead Pastor
Ed Traut
Prophetic Life Ministries
Cathy Payne
Global Missions

Director for the Church of God of Prophecy
Trevor Reid
Bridge of Hope Church

Lead Pastor
Glenn Walters
Judah Church

& Shabbach Conferences
Lead Pastor & Founder
Jaron Burkhardt
3 Trees Church

Worship Pastor
Bill Vines
Breezewood Church

Lead Pastor
Dr. Marian Jones
Breezewood Church

Administrative Pastor
Keith Burch
CrossView Church

Lead Pastor
Tim Beck
King's Way Church

Missions Pastor
Jeff Burkardt
Oasis Bethany Church

Lead Pastor
John Parker

& Music Artist
Michelle Sanchez
Breezewood Church

Children's Pastor
Lynn Winebarger
Breezewood Church

Prayer Team Director
Chris Draughon
Breezewood Church

Connect Group Leader & Minister
Josh Mcrorie
Covenant Love

Student Pastor
Paula Hess

& Mentoring Director for Fayetteville Christian School
Sam Satchell
Covenant Love

Student Pastor
Cameron Vines
Breezewood Church

Worship Leader
Jill Kelley
Breezewood Church

Student Ministries Director
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When is it?

- First day is Tuesday, June 1

- Last day is Thursday, August 5

- Graduation Ceremony will take place during Release Conference on Saturday, August 7

*We will take a 3 day retreat out of town as a school from June 15-17

Weekly Schedule:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

9am - 9:45am: Chapel & Devotion (Followed by a 15 min break)

10am - 11am: Session 1 (Followed by a 15 min break)

11:15am - 12:30pm: Session 2


6pm - 7pm - Optional Bible Study

When are applications and fees due?

- Applications must be submitted online by Wed. May 12

- The first payment of $125.00 must be submitted online or in person by Wed. May 12

- The second payment of $125.00 must be submitted online or in person by Wed. June 30



Where will SSM take place?

Outside of scheduled times of outreach and serving around the city and the three-day retreat, SSM will take place on the Breezewood Church campus, in several of our facilities.



Why should I give my summer to SSM?

Our school of ministry differs from other ministry schools in several strategic ways:

1. It's only a ten week program. Most other ministry schools require a full year commitment with fall and spring semesters, forcing students to choose them over working or college enrollment.  SSM allows you to take advantage of your summer break to the fullest extent by growing in God and growing with others in a way that enables you to still honor other commitments in your life.

2. Our focus is on learning, not knowing. To be a disciple means to be a disciplined-learner. That means the one prerequisite to our program is a willingness to learn. All of our students as well as our instructors are at different places in their walk with the Lord, so we will all grow together from different starting points. Ultimately the Holy Spirit is our instructor and knows what every individual is most in need of, so our goal is to be led by Him each and every single session, each and every single day.

3. We want to prepare you to live life, not just do church. Many schools of ministry do an amazing job at training individuals and groups for platform ministry, and while that is beneficial, it's not always fruitful. Learning to communicate the Word (preach) and lead others well is a part of our curriculum, but it's not the focus. If vocational ministry is your goal, this is a great place to start and we will resource you for the next steps but what is most important is that you learn to live a life of ministry in relationship with the Father. 

4. Your impact matters. We are living in peculiar times, with culture and society quickly becoming more and more secular. The Judeo-Christian values that our nation was founded on are being increasingly undermined with each passing year. This is not a time to fear but rather a time to rise up and shine before others. Gone are the days when believers could attend Church and be fully equipped for kingdom living. SSM fills in the gap between what you hear in sermons and how you apply it to your life so that the gospel can go forward to the world. Now more than ever, every single believer must be thoroughly prepared to face adversity and advance the kingdom.

Why young adults?

Why tailor our program to young adults? Statistics show us that the amount of older teenagers and adults in their twenties who are dropping out of church and walking away from the faith is staggering. Over the last 30 years the amount of young adults who claim no religious affiliation as tripled, with 2/3 of those attending church ceasing to do so between the ages of 18 and 22. This is cause to sound the alarm!


Typically the approach of the church would be to start up a ministry or launch a conference aimed at reaching and evangelizing this age group. We're taking a different approach. Jesus preached to thousands but discipled a few. He wasn't afraid or concerned when He watched the masses walk away (John 6). Instead He turned His attention to the few hungry and  committed individuals who followed His every move, knowing that one day it would be these few who would bring the gospel to the thousands


SSM seeks to take the most missing demographic of the Church and empower them to become the most missional demographic of the Church. We are most influential on those with whom we share a common bond. No one can reach young adults like young adults. If we want the next generation to know Jesus, we must be confident in the ones the Lord has given us in this hour to be the light in the darkness.


How do I appLy?


To apply you must simply fill out the registration form at the link below. If you do not attend Breezewood Church you will be asked to submit a reference from your Pastor in addition to filling out the application. Once you have submitted the application online it will be reviewed by our directors who will then contact you for an individual meeting to sit down and discuss the possibility of your enrollment. You will not be asked to submit tuition payments of any kind before officially being enrolled.

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